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Living in the Country of Georgia: A Guide for Expats

Living in a foreign country can be an exciting adventure filled with new experiences, cultures, and opportunities. If you’re considering moving to Georgia, a country known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, then this comprehensive expat guide is just what you need. From the cost of living and best places to live to essential considerations for expats, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need to make your move to Georgia a success.

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Living in the Country of Georgia: What to Consider

Before packing your bags and embarking on this adventure, there are several essential factors to consider:

Take into consideration:

Visa and Residency Requirements

Moving to Georgia as an expat requires understanding the visa and residency regulations. For most visitors, obtaining a tourist visa upon arrival is relatively straightforward. However, for longer-term stays, it’s crucial to explore various residency options and their specific requirements.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Georgia is generally lower than in many Western countries. Understanding the expenses related to housing, utilities, transportation, and daily essentials is vital for financial planning. Let’s explore the cost of living in more detail.

Cost of Living Breakdown
CategoryMonthly Cost (USD)
Accommodation$800 - $1200
Utilities$100 - $150
Groceries$200 - $350
Transportation$40 - $60
Dining Out$50 - $120

Best Places to Live

Georgia offers a diverse range of living environments, from bustling cities to serene countryside. The best place to live depends on individual preferences and lifestyle choices. Let’s explore some popular expat destinations.

a. Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the capital city, is a vibrant and modern metropolis that seamlessly blends history and contemporary culture. With its charming old town, cultural landmarks, and numerous dining and entertainment options, Tbilisi is a top choice for many expats.

b. Batumi

Situated on the Black Sea coast, Batumi is a coastal gem with a subtropical climate, stunning architecture, and a relaxed lifestyle. The city’s vibrant atmosphere, along with its growing expat community, makes it an attractive destination for those seeking a coastal living experience.

c. Kutaisi

As Georgia’s second-largest city, Kutaisi offers a more laid-back lifestyle with lower living costs. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, Kutaisi is an excellent choice for expats who prefer a quieter and more affordable setting.

Healthcare and Education

Access to quality healthcare and education is crucial for expats with families. Georgia boasts a well-developed healthcare system and a growing number of international schools. We’ll delve into the healthcare options and educational institutions available for expat families.


Georgia has a stable and growing economy

batumi harbour

The economy of Georgia

Georgia’s economy continues to evolve, driven by its strategic location, liberal economic policies, and dedication to reforms. With a strong focus on attracting investments, enhancing trade, and developing key sectors, Georgia is well-positioned to capitalize on its potential and achieve sustained economic growth in the years to come.

Cost of Living in Georgia: A Closer Look



When it comes to housing in Georgia, expats have various options, from renting apartments to purchasing property. Rental prices vary depending on the location and property size, with city centers generally having higher rates. For those considering a long-term stay, buying property might be a worthwhile investment due to the reasonable real estate prices.



Utilities in Georgia, including electricity, water, and heating, are relatively affordable. The average monthly cost for a standard 85m² apartment is around $100-$150. Internet services are widely available and reasonably priced, making it convenient for expats to stay connected.

Groceries and Dining Out

Groceries and Dining Out

Expats will find that groceries in Georgia are reasonably priced, especially when purchasing locally-produced items. A monthly grocery bill for a family of four can range from $200-$300, depending on dietary preferences. For dining out, a meal at a mid-range restaurant can cost between $10-$20 per person.

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